Prized is a cross-over brand designed to bridge Western & Contemporary fashion. Inspired by the traditions of the American West, designed for today's taste makers, Prized is comprised of highly considered and inspired accessories made in the United States. 

The name Prized was inspired by the female pioneers of rodeo trick riding.. the prized performers.  Feminists in every sense, these women broke gender boundaries by competing in a dangerous, male dominated sport before women could vote.  They proved that femininity did not have to be compromised by the physicality of their arduous career.  Prized, the brand, celebrates the energy & legacy of these pioneering women through modern styling while honoring the heritage of Western American culture through the use of traditional leathercraft in every item.  

Prized was created by a team of former designers and product developers of many notable Western & Outdoor heritage brands such as Wrangler, Larry Mahan, George Strait, and Wolverine 1000 Mile. 




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